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Creating engaging digital experiences

Here at Roots we create websites that tell stories, connect with audiences and get responses. We build sites that not only look great but have considered user journeys/experiences and are well built behind the scenes.

We are platform agnostic so take a bespoke view to each individual client needs, from content managed (CMS) sites to lighning fast static sites, served over CDNs.

The Essentials

A website
built for speed

Quick loading sites are vital for good user experience and SEO rankings. Here at Roots we pride ourselves on building lean sites that are fast, giving great user experiences and that are search engine friendly!

in mind

In today’s digital marketplace, the importance of mobile has never been greater. With all of our web projects, we approach the task from both a desktop and mobile angle to make sure that the user experience is equally strong across both platforms.


We always design websites with SEO in mind. Whether that be in how we build the site, to how we structure the content and how the copy is created. A new site, that is slick and technically satisfies Google stands a much better chance of moving up the rankings.


After a successful branding project, Roots created a new site that would really enable them to tell their story, elevate their positioning and help convert leads.

Surf South West

The awesome crew at Surf South West wanted a refreshed brand and website to continue to fuel the stoke!


MetaB3E was created to take on the Metaverse! A new generation IOT business. They wanted a brand that positioned themselves as leaders in this ever-evolving world.

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