Provide a full agency service to help Rowden modernise their marketing and increase student numbers.

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Rowden Atelier - Woodworking School


Rowden Atelier - Woodworking School


2018 to today


Provide a full agency service to help Rowden modernise their marketing and increase student numbers.

Rowden Atelier is one of the country’s foremost woodworking and fine furniture making schools. Founded by the hugely talented and globally recognised furniture maker David Savage, who very sadly passed away during the course of our work together, Rowden wanted to increase their student numbers with a new system of regular lead generation. It’s a relationship we continue to greatly enjoy and the chance to positively influence a wonderful North Devon business.

Lead Generation


After an encouraging start using static image ads, Roots directed a new video to inspire potential students and capture the special ethos of Rowden.

This video was hugely effective in engaging our targets. In this day where users endlessly scroll, it is becoming more difficult to get them to STOP and engage with content. Introducing video ads not only quadrupled the reach of the campaigns but also improved click-through-rates and conversion rates. You might have seen we’ve mentioned before that when it comes to lead generation - the journey doesn’t end when they’ve clicked your ad; the journey has only just begun! Through granular campaign targeting we were able to create unique landing pages, specifically designed for converting the users based on what we know from their demographic profiles. How you position a fine woodworking course to an 18 year old is a world away from how you position it to a 40 year old.

Google Ads

Over an initial 5 month project on Google, we drove 123 hard leads. Course enquiries coming through the website, with Google as the focal driver of traffic, meant that our client now had a Pipeline with over £1,000,000 worth of potential sales. During the project, we were able to cut down the cost per enquiry by 22% through aggressive split testing of landing pages and increased granularity of campaign targeting... and I think that our 0.34% bounce rate speaks for itself!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO played an integral part of the lead generation strategy for this client. When we began the project, the websites organic user volumes had been on a long downward spiral. Through a focused SEO strategy, we were not only able to halt this decline, but increase how long they were spending on the website and how many pages they viewed… LONG STORY SHORT; we nailed it.

Unique Users: +31.19%
Sessions: +26.80%
Goal Completions (Leads): +50.00%
Goal Conversion Rate: +18.30%


Of course, generating more traffic is one thing - but creating actionable leads is ultimately what it’s all about. Total Leads Generated During Contract (All Sources) - 594. So how did we help convert these leads into won deals? Integrating a new CRM platform to the website meant the client could progress each lead through a process that left “no-lead-unturned”. We think that the new course prospectus that we put together was pretty sexy too.