Pay Per Click (PPC)

Harness the Power of Inbound

In our experience, there is no advertising platform as targeted, effective or versatile as Google Ads.

Display to Search, YouTube to Gmail – Google Ads offers a hugely valuable set of tools in the right hands, and can be the perfect first step in your lead generation funnel.

With clever optimisation, ingenious targeting and patient split testing – Roots can deliver hot leads right into your hands.

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This is how we create supercharged PPC campaigns

Research & Planning

A crucial stage, but often overlooked. Like all campaigns, careful planning and research is essential to success. Before you hand any of your hard-earned cash over to Google or Bing, you want to know exactly who’s searching, what they’re searching for and where that money will be best spent.

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Budgeting & Targeting

So, you think you know what search terms to bid for, but how much can you afford to spend on each click? When do you run your ads and for how long? It’s only through careful analysis that you can be sure your paid search marketing campaign is giving you good ROI.

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Testing & Management

OK, your campaign is up and running and you’re seeing some promising results. But how do you know they are the best results you can get? By regularly tweaking your targeting parameters, ad copy and bids, running split-tests and analysing the results, that’s how!

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Great PPC is all about what comes next…

Running a PPC campaign and only focusing on the advertising, is like buying fuel with no car to put it in! Advertising is just the start, your ultimate success it tied to whether you can convert interest into hot leads…

Questions we are frequently asked about PPC.

Yes. Whilst Google doesn’t apply a minimum spend, for us to be able to make an impact we need to have a certain amount of data to play with. We therefore operate on the basis of a £500 per month minimum spend policy.

You pay the search engine direct for the advertising. We charge for our management time, and for the time it takes to set up the account.

You pay the search engine direct for the advertising. We charge for our management time, and for the time it takes to set up the account.

Google gives partnership status to marketing agencies they believe are expert in using their platforms. Because our experts have passed the right exams and we have a track-record in delivering results on their platform, Google has rewarded us with that status – which is something we’re very proud of.

A good question, glad you asked! Like we say above, it’s all about what comes next. Managing the campaigns is key of course, but that traffic has to go somewhere. The page they land on has the crucial role of extracting details and giving you something to work with. Particularly in this post-GDPR era, working with a company that knows how to handle both aspects is crucial to success.


Where do we cover?

Great businesses, like great trees, have strong roots. Without them, they’re unstable and are susceptible to market fluctuations and likely to be felled for firewood.

What you need is a dedicated team of marketeers, designers, developers and lead generators to provide the support your organisation needs not just to survive.