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katie jennings

Katie Jennings

Operations Director

Just like the farm dogs of her childhood, Katie herds our rag tag bunch of specialists into some semblance of order. A key liaison between the agency and our clients.

elliot christopher

Elliot Christopher

Marketing Director

Bringing a huge amount of Bristolian experience in account management with him, Elliot joined us this year. He keeps the organisation running as smooth as orange juice.

chris harrold

Chris "Boz" Harrold

Creative Director

Whether it’s for print or web, email or exhibition, Boz creatively directs as hard as he can to ensure we provide our clients with only the highest standard of work.

adele reed

Adele Reed

Senior Designer

Dressing both herself and our clients’ projects in the most fashionable of clothes, Adele calmly and confidently produces the agency’s websites, print materials and logos.

simon smith

Simon Smith

Senior Developer

Just because you don’t see him very often, doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s his tireless and very technical work that keeps our clients' web projects working.

myles patterson

Myles Patterson

PPC & Outreach Specialist

Myles is well-rounded in many aspects of digital marketing and an all-round nice guy! He handles our Pay Per Click accounts with as much love and attention as he gives his beloved cats (i.e. a lot).


Owen Keary

Full Stack Developer

Owen is a full stack developer who started coding late in life at the ripe old age of 12. Talented beyond his years and passionate about motorbikes & design Owen is an extremely useful man to have around.

Georgie Cunningham roots creative

Georgie Cunningham

Content Writer

Georgie is our content queen, crafting the written word magnificiently for your blogs / websites / email marketing and more!

Amber Connell roots creative

Amber Connell

Marketing Executive

As our Social specialist, Amber has firm grasp of all things digital and an incredible passion for marketing. When she's not running campaigns, you'll find her out running with her (very cute) puppy Milo.

simon jennings

Simon Jennings


Founding an ever-expanding marketing agency takes extraordinary stamina, a level head and a can-do attitude. To let off steam, Simon plays cricket with his dachsund.

cicero jennings-may

Cicero Jennings-May

Security Guard

Originally hired to clean the stairwell, Cicero the sausage dog surprised everyone with his confident no-nonsense approach to security. He was promoted on day one.

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