Marketing automation

Wind it up and watch it go.

There is nothing better than seeing all your hard work and careful planning turn into hot, hot leads.

There are a huge range of incredibly powerful and intelligent automation services on the market now and we're here to help you make the most of them.

Through database sourcing, contact-detail scraping, cold email campaigning and follow up automation we'll help ensure your business has a steady supply of leads, day in day out.

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Initial Consultation

Before we get started, we need to get to know you and more importantly, your customers. Marketing automation takes every element of your customers' behaviour to give them a completely personalised relationship with your brand and serves them the information they are most interested in.

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A Working Model

We build a marketing automation strategy that is based on your customers. We plan for your entire customer life cycle to make sure that your marketing isn't just optimised for a "see-you-later" or "one-off" purchase, but geared to nurture your relationship with your customers.

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Trackable Leads

Our automation system includes an intricate CRM that brings together every element of your marketing. From one accessible dashboard, you can measure the real value of each of your marketing streams by tying performance with associated leads. We can track your customers before you even know their name.

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Bring together every element of your marketing.

Marketing automation comes into it's own when it comes to building and nuturing a relationship with your customers. Let's not forget that we need to get customers to your website in the first place! Here at Roots, we've got this covered too.

Questions we are frequently asked about Marketing Automation.

No way! Email campaigns are definitely an large element of marketing automation but it doesn't stop there. You can create dynamic landing pages that adapt depending on how a user has interacted with your business before or what links they've clicked prior - serving them the information you know they want to see, based on what you already know!

It's not only your marketing that will benefit but also your sales team too. With an inbuilt CRM and Pipeline management system, we can build automations around benefiting your sales team too!

Absolutely. We're here to help companies grow and marketing automation is a tool that allows us to do just that! We can create one-off automation workflows and let it run if you wanted to keep things simple, becoming more efficient in what you do.

Think of those repetitive tasks that you undergo, I'd bet Cicero the office dog that we can automate that for you so you can put the time into something else! Marketing automation is all based on lead management; if you have a website and you have customers then marketing automation could benefit you, no matter what the scale.

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM softwares for marketing automation but we don't do things to be popular. We've done our research and found a system that competes with HubSpot features 1-1 yet is 1/10th of the cost. Not only that, but you don't need to tie into an annual contract like you do with HubSpot!

Yes. On average 51% of companies are using marketing automation to some degree. A majority of these companies will be using it for efficiency purposes with only a small proportion using forward-thinking strategies to push forward their conversion rates.

It’s time to propel your efficiency and your marketing forward. It’s time to join the automation revolution!

Think about it like this; you go to same restaurant every weekend. You go to this particular restaurant because they do the best pasta in town and you love pasta, you have it every time! You also have a dairy-intolerance which you mentioned on your first visit.

Imagine that after your first few visits, they present you with three off-the-menu pasta dishes that have been created with you in mind - knowing that you like pasta, all completely dairy-free since they know that's not your bag. You can still choose from the main menu if you fancy something different, but they've given you more personalised options as well.

Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't you spend more money in this restaurant if they took this degree of attention every time you went in? When talking to friends about the best restaurants around, you would recommend them given their level of customer service and attention to what you want!

What marketing automation does is drive customer experience for each individual customer just like our hypothetical restaurant.


Where do we cover?

We're a digital marketing agency in North Devon but through the power of digital, we're working with clients all over the UK.

It's important that we get a complete understanding of your business, and we're people-kind-of-people so we will make effort to meet you face-to-face before we undergo any work.