Work Experience the Roots Way - Lucy Hooper

Katie Jennings / Roots Team / 31st Jan 2020
Katie Jennings 31st Jan 2020 Roots Team

Over the last few weeks we’ve had Lucy in the office on work experience learning the ropes of digital marketing - this blog outlines her time with us!

First steps...

Digital Marketing was never my original career plan, as I have always been a complete nerd for science and maths and either wanted a career in medicine or chemical engineering! However, after many long and arduous open days and AS level exams I realised it was not actually what I wanted to do. I have always had an interest in social media and advertising, and deep down I knew it could be a really cool career option.

Due to never considering digital marketing as a career I had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do! So I googled digital media companies in North Devon and Roots was one of the top results, looking at the website and reading through all the pages I realised I really liked what they do and it looked like a really interesting place to work. So I took the plunge to see if they would allow me to come and do some work experience at the office in Bideford, and they were more than happy for me to come in for 2 days a week over a few weeks!

When I arrived on my first day, everyone was so lovely and made me feel part of the team. I got to work at my own desk with a computer that made it feel as though I worked at Roots and not just there on work experience. I already had tasks set for me that varied from business outreach to proofing new websites. I was amazed at the amount of responsibility the team gave me which made the tasks that much more interesting for me! During the weeks I was there I have worked with various members of the roots team which allowed me to broaden my skills and learn so much more about the different roles within the digital marketing industry.

cicero & lucy at roots creative marketing

What I got up to:

I am really interested in the consumer psychology element of marketing which focuses on why we are doing things a certain way and how marketing strategies affect the consumers' decision. Hence, I was very excited when Katie asked me to do some research for the social media part of a proposal that Roots were drawing up. I thoroughly enjoyed this task because it was within my field of interest and I thought I could bring in some fresh ideas. Although, still being a bit of a maths and tech nerd at heart I enjoyed the data migration tasks that allowed me to use code and look at the “back-end” of a website to see how it was built.

My thoughts:

In reflection, this period of work experience has been the best by far! I have learnt so many new skills that I can showcase in my cv and uni applications and it has made me much more confident in my career decision to be within the media industry. Everyone in the team made me feel at home and did their best to teach me so many new skills and gave amazing support and advice that I can take with me as I move through life. Not forgetting Cicero, who served as a reliable hot water bottle throughout my time here at roots and brightened everyone's day!

In conclusion, Roots offered me such valuable work experience and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for experience in the digital marketing industry!

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

Just like the farm dogs of her childhood, Katie herds our rag tag bunch of specialists into some semblance of order. A key liaison between the agency and our clients.