Growing from Roots - Georgia Williamson

Katie Jennings / Roots Team / 6th Sep 2021
Katie Jennings 6th Sep 2021 Roots Team

We had Georgie Williamson in for some Work Experience - this blog outlines her time with us!

First steps...

Whilst uni is all well and good, there’s nothing more valuable than some proper industry experience when it comes to preparing for the world of work! I’m Georgie, a 22 year old English student at Exeter University. At the start of summer, I was on the hunt for some work experience to help prepare me for my dream career in marketing. I was looking for a hands-on job in the industry; to find out what it’s like to work under pressure for clients, to be part of the buzz and creativity of a team of marketeers.

When I clicked on Root’s welcoming and friendly website, I knew I had to email them. They replied within a day, and before long I was excitedly preparing for 2 weeks of online work experience with the company. After absolutely loving my time with them, I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to stay on as an intern over the summer! I couldn’t wait to spend more time learning crucial skills and gaining inside knowledge within the field. Root’s small, close knit and friendly team helped me to settle in quickly and to feel comfortable asking for any help/advice I needed. Everyone on the team is fun and upbeat, which made the experience really enjoyable, rewarding, and less daunting for a newbie like myself!

What did I get up to?

Roots kept me busy everyday, finding me a diverse range of tasks to get involved with and made me feel like a part of the team. Below is a small snapshot of what I worked on:

Mood boards:

From my first day at Roots, I knew I’d have a great time with them. I was asked to research wedding themes and create a collection of mood boards and concepts for an upcoming wedding venue company. This task was really beneficial to me - I developed my design skills, worked for a client in the industry for the first time, built my confidence in my ideas and produced work I was proud of. Below are some photos of what I created!

Brand naming

One of my favourite experiences was working alongside the Roots team to brainstorm names and slogans for new companies. Although it was sometimes challenging to produce a long list of varied suggestions for the client that fitted their brief, it was interesting to research metaphors, associations, and the meanings of words from many languages. I loved merging words together to create new names!

Social Media Marketing

I had a fantastic time helping to run client Instagram accounts, including Branche d’Olive, a luxury home fragrance brand. I especially enjoyed running a giveaway to celebrate the account reaching 2500 followers. I designed graphics for the page, making sure to keep the posts coherent with the colour scheme, interacted with comments to increase engagement and helped to build the brand’s online presence.

I can’t thank Roots enough for giving me the chance to work within such a fast-paced, fun and creative company over the summer. I’ve had an amazing time and have learnt many valuable skills that will really benefit me post-graduation! Thank you so much Roots, you guys are the best :)

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

Just like the farm dogs of her childhood, Katie herds our rag tag bunch of specialists into some semblance of order. A key liaison between the agency and our clients.