Brand Design Part 3: What do we need from the client?

Chris "Boz" Harrold / Marketing Insights / 5th Dec 2019
Chris "Boz" Harrold 5th Dec 2019 Marketing Insights

We have the personnel, skills, experience, qualifications, software and technology to help you with the many considerations in last week’s blog Brand Design: What's Included?. The only thing we don’t have at this stage is an intimate knowledge of all the ins-and-outs of your particular business.

We have developed an easy, friendly - and possibly even fun - process to help us gather as much information about your business as we can before we start. We’ll sit down with you at your place or ours (whichever’s easiest for you) and we’ll work with you to provide answers to questions like the below.

  • Who are your target audience?
  • What do you offer your audience?
  • How are you positioned in the marketplace?
  • What is the personality of your organisation?
  • What does the organisation stand for?
  • What’s it’s reason to exist?
  • What is it fighting against?
  • What’s your elevator pitch?

We'll provide good-looking hand outs that set the agenda and get conversation flowing.

With the answers to questions such as these (plus perhaps a few more), we can start putting together a good-looking document that will help us – and you – understand every aspect of where your business is now and where it should be heading.

This document or ‘Brand DNA’ will underpin all the research, brain-storming and creative processes throughout the rest of the project and has proven to be a very useful tool indeed.

We’ll present this document to you either digitally or in print format and once it’s been signed off, our project managers, designers and art directors can all refer back to it to ensure that every stage of every aspect of the brand design process adheres to these values.

What’s next then?

First concepts and feedback

We can leave you alone for a little bit now. We can go away and research, brainstorm, concept, sketch and mock-up until we have something reasonably professional to present you with.

We’ll normally give you a few neat and tidy, but not-fully-developed concepts to look through. Some clients want to do this face-to-face but others might want to receive a document via email to share with their colleagues or co-directors to look through in their own time. If you'd rather have a video call, that's no problem either - we're all set up here to provide easy and clear video conferencing.

You are welcome to review our initial brand concepts in your own time. It's often helpful to share them with others in your organisation too.

This is quite an exciting stage and the first time the client will see something bespoke and tailored just to them. This is when we’d like as much feedback as possible to help shape the next drafts. Personal opinion can be useful here, along with your gut feeling and the views of any other stakeholders or colleagues.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, we’ll try and explain why we might have suggested something and show you examples of similar concepts in action. We might change your mind - we might not - but whatever happens, you’ll be that much closer to a fully-bespoke new brand identity.

Further development

This process continues in a similar vein until both parties are happy and the brand as a whole is coherent and functional and – importantly – liked and approved by you, the client.

We always make sure to work with our clients as closely as they’d like. You might want to take a step back and let our specialist team do their thing, or you might want to work with us more closely to ensure your vision is realised.

Either way, we promise to do our best to create you a fully-bespoke, effective and versatile brand that will withstand the test of time and improve your customer’s perception and confidence in your organisation – whatever it might do.

Your brand is safe in our hands

So, there you have it. This three-part series has hopefully provided you with a good amount of information on what brand design is, how we offer it as a service and the kind of information we'll need from you (the client) before the process can begin.

Thank you very much for reading and I’ll leave you with this rather grandiose and romantic quote from Dushyant Wadivkar:

“The product is the brand and there is no story to be told, except the swells of emotion each consumer has when he owns that brand”

As usual, please do pick up the phone, fill in our contact form or email us with any questions you might have or to get the ball rolling.


Chris "Boz" Harrold / Creative Director

Whether it’s for print or web, email or exhibition, Boz creatively directs as hard as he can to ensure we provide our clients with only the highest standard of work.