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Katie Jennings / Marketing Insights / 3rd May 2020
Katie Jennings 3rd May 2020 Marketing Insights

It’s not often that Roots get to receive services from clients, usually it’s the other way around! So, when my fence fell down and Cicero the Security Manager was at risk of expanding his patrol territory into next door, it was obvious who I needed to contact.

A foray into fencing:

Adam from Groundforce Solutions ( leading landscaping company in North Devon & valued client of Roots) popped out the day after my phone call to survey the site. He raised some good logistical questions and proposed sensible, cost effective solutions. In these coronavirus times I was a little concerned that the work wouldn’t be able to be carried out, but as the fence was a security risk, I was keen to get this sorted and I was given realistic time-scales that they stuck to.

When they arrived, I was introduced to Ben who’d be running the rebuild and they explained how they would work, when they were hoping to finish & importantly, how they’d do it safely, maintaining 2 metres distance. They took social distancing seriously and worked hard, they kept me up to date and I was impressed by the seriously solid fence they erected. Very different to the fence panels you’d find in B&Q - the feather edged boards have got some staying power. A good investment for many years!

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When the team was all finished, they tidied up and took most of the old fence away, they left me with a little (broken up especially) so it could be used for firewood. Overall, a very professional job and I’d not hesitate in using or recommending GroundForce’s services again.

GroundForce Solutions - landscaping pros across the board

Residential landscaping & fencing isn’t all they do though. GroundForce Solutions also work extensively on commercial landscaping projects across Devon & the South West, with the likes of Bovis Homes, Wainhomes & Pearce Construction. You may well have seen the GroundForce Solutions’ trucks driving around North Devon and now, when you do, you know they’re the guys to call!

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

Just like the farm dogs of her childhood, Katie herds our rag tag bunch of specialists into some semblance of order. A key liaison between the agency and our clients.