Nalu Beads - beautiful beads inspired by sea and surf

Katie Jennings / Client Feature / 19th Feb 2021
Katie Jennings 19th Feb 2021 Client Feature

While we’ve been lucky to work with clients far and wide, we love keeping it local too. Our North Devon clients are close to our heart, including Nalu Beads. Based in Braunton, their products are inspired by the sea and the surf that surrounds all of us here on the coast.

Beads to celebrate surf culture

‘Nalu’ is the Hawaiian word for wave, meaning also to ponder, meditate, or go with the flow - and this definition really summarises the vision behind Nalu Beads.

Nalu Beads create beautiful, colourful beads and jewellery, heavily inspired by surf culture and history, from when surf spots were once discovered through word-of-mouth whispers and travelling surfers, identifiable to each other by their Goulimine beads, originating from Morocco. Their design is also influenced by the colours and characteristics of the coast - by beach landscapes, the break of waves, and surf spots from all over the globe.

Beautiful glass work right here in the UK

Having previously been workshopped abroad, Nalu Beads returned their manufacturing back to the UK in order to reduce their carbon footprint, and we’re proud to work alongside a business who share our eco-friendly ethos. With a team of talented glassworkers, who use high quality Murano glass and hand-mixed colouring, they produce beautiful, distinctive beads.

These Murano beads can be bought in the form of silver surf jewellery, as necklaces, anklets or bracelets - or, independently, allowing customers to assemble their own unique pieces and tell their own story. We love the ethos behind the products, and the sea-inspired look, which reminds us of home.

Our work with Nalu Beads

For the past couple of years, we’ve been primarily helping with their SEO work. This is a vital component for any business, particularly in recent years as Nalu Beads have evolved from supplying local surf shops to stockists all over Europe, and as they branched into ecommerce, sending orders all over the world.

This proved highly successful for Nalu Beads. In fact, last year we were delighted to report that they had their best November ever, with organic and direct traffic contributing to 74.1% of their sales for that month.

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

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