Devon Dens: Eco-friendly, off-the-grid escapes!

Katie Jennings / Client Feature / 29th Jan 2021
Katie Jennings 29th Jan 2021 Client Feature

Here at Roots, we’ve been lucky enough to work with businesses that we really believe in - and we want to shout about that. Today, we’re talking about Devon Dens, who we’ve been working with for a few months now.

Authentic nature retreats in Devon

Devon Dens offer tranquil woodland getaways in the West Devon area. With close proximity to the hills of Dartmoor and gorgeous Cornish beaches, they provide perfect escapes all year round - in a location without WiFi or phone signal, offering a rare chance for that digital detox you’re constantly putting off.

Offering two beautiful, eco-friendly timber cabins, to suit smaller and larger groups, they offer the Devon nature retreat you’ve been waiting for. Whip up wholesome meals with local produce, or indulge in breakfast, barbecue or afternoon hampers. Get back to nature with forest bathing or wild swimming. Unwind with on-site massages, the wood-fired sauna, or curl up with a book in a hammock. These Devon timber cabins have it all.

A green ethos

Ethos is everything, and we love the emphasis that Devon Dens place on their commitment to being eco-friendly: from the local, sustainable wood used to build the timber cabins, to the on-site Freedom hives and wildlife pond to enhance biodiversity. The site is run solely by solar power, the toilets use natural water filtration systems, and all waste is composted.

The work we’re doing

Over the past few months we’ve been working with their websites, and helping out with their SEO - to ensure they get the attention that they deserve!

Like many businesses, Devon Dens are closed at the time of writing due to the Covid-19 pandemic - but we’re counting down the days until we’re able to kick back and relax on one of their tranquil retreats. We’re sure many of you will be too. After so many months trapped inside, we can’t think of anything better than unwinding in an authentic glimpse of the wilderness - especially within a site that shares our eco-friendly ethos.

With new booking protection guidelines in place to protect your deposit, and dates available later in the year, it’s a great time to start dreaming about your well-deserved next break. Take a look on their website for more details!

Katie Jennings

Katie Jennings / Operations Director

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